All images copyright by Aleksandar Krajinović- All rights reserved (2021)

„Aleksandar Krajinović is a contemporary artist known for his captivating black paintings. With a unique style that seamlessly blends abstract elements with figurative motifs, Krajinović's art evokes a profound sense of mystery and introspection. His use of a monochromatic palette, specifically focusing on the color black, lends a hauntingly beautiful quality to his works. Through his intricate brushwork and masterful use of light and shadow, Krajinović creates a sense of depth and texture that draws viewers into a world of their own contemplation.

Each of Krajinović's black paintings tells a story that encourages deep reflection and exploration of the human condition. His compositions often feature enigmatic figures and symbols, inviting viewers to interpret and connect with the layers of meaning within his art. The use of black as the dominant color adds an air of intensity and psychological depth to his pieces, creating a striking contrast against the pale backgrounds and adding to the overall atmospheric quality. Krajinović's black paintings are a testament to his artistic vision and ability to provoke thought and emotion through his mesmerizing creations.“